RoadLight takes a different approach to the traditional way of interventions by recruiting and training a team that have the ability to use their own experiences to engage some of the UK hard to reach young people and adults in custody, creating a well-established rapport where learning takes place.


The organisation has successfully rolled out their very own accredited Mentoring programmes and a bespoke self-discovery programme, Hit The Road Jack... This nationally recognised course is an A to Z on discovering how to break the chains of institutionalisation, drugs and alcohol misuse to become positive role models. Hit The Road Jack was developed using over 22 years of invaluable wisdom and insights from Dwayne’s own transformation, rehabilitation and resettlement.


As more and more individuals engage in RoadLight services, some have come on to becoming part of the growing team helping to support their peers. This approach is unique to the offender, taking more responsibility through Living By Example. RoadLight’s aim is to reduce re-offending behaviour and substance misuse by Empowering Lives For Positive Change!

About Us

RoadLight is an Open College Network centre and a fundamental platform for rehabilitation and resettlement created through the remarkable life experiences, trials and tribulations of entrepreneurs Dwayne and Melanie Jack.

Whilst embarking on their journey of self-discovery, Dwayne and Melanie became mastermind mentors and motivational speakers, transforming lives in society. This inspired them to create an organisation that could reach a wider audience from grassroots youth work in the community to delivering bespoke programmes within the Youth Custody Service’s  and Her Majesty’s Prisons, working with some of the UK’s most challenging and violent offenders.