Dwayne Jack, from prisoner to revolutionary public figure, mastermind mentor, motivational speaker and leading educator, Empowering lives for positive change.


Founder and CEO of RoadLight Ltd and 7Roadlight CIC, Dwayne Jack is a conscious coach, inspirational speaker and leading educator, providing a fundamental platform for rehabilitation, interventions and self-discovery.


Dwayne has established himself as an expert in the field of Offending Behaviour, Rehabilitation & Resettlement. Having spent 17 years in and out of custody himself, Dwayne is now an entrepreneur that has built a team of like-minded people who share his passion and vision of supporting the rehabilitation of young people and adults to live a law-abiding life whilst in custody and upon release into society.

Dwayne Jack


Dwayne Jack

Amongst his many contributions to this field, Dwayne developed the Hit The Road Jack programme using over 22 years of invaluable insights from his very own self-discovery and rehabilitation.


Dwayne works closely with Her Majesty’s Prisons and probationary services reaching out to thousands of lives with his revolutionary programme. Since the success of his work with many leading UK charities and businesses such as Shaw Trust, NOVUS and Prospects, Dwayne has been interviewed by a host of radio shows including the BBC. Through the demands of his Therapeutic Urban Intervention company RoadLight Ltd, Dwayne has established a Community Interest Company 7RoadLight which focusses on prevention of offending behaviour and substance misuse through early interventions, raising awareness within schools, colleges and communities all over the UK.