Roadlight provides a number of bespoke services for prisons, probation and Youth Custody Services, taking a different approach to the traditional way of interventions. RoadLight do this by recruiting and training a team that have the ability to use their own experiences to engage some of the UK’s most hard to reach young people and adults in custody, creating well-formed rapport that paves the way for learning to take place. As more and more individuals engage in these services, some go onto becoming part of the growing RoadLight team helping to support their peers.


This informal approach targets essential issues such as Gang culture, Weapons, Violence and the Supply or Misuse of Substances, supporting a positive prison culture. The fundamental aim of these services is to reduce re-offending behaviour and substance misuse by Empowering Lives For Positive Change!

RoadLight offer an effective way of helping the most challenging and vulnerable offenders through a mentoring service within UK prisons and Youth Custody Services. The mentors that deliver this service often share a similar background to the mentee either as ex-offenders, ex-substance misusers or with experiences of a difficult upbringing and/or past.


• Builds a bridge of support between the prisoners/young offenders & officers by means of a non-authoritative figure.

• Use a non-informative approach to raise awareness of important subjects such as gang culture, weapons, violence &

    the supply and/or misuse of substances.

• Reinforce the engagement of the prison regime & participation in purposeful activities.

• To support the expectations & needs of the young person or adult.

• Work together with the mentee to establish realistic short, medium & long-term goals.

• Help young people or adults to reach the goals of their sentence planning & parole requirements.

• Develop the life and social skills of individuals.

• Enhance the rehabilitation culture within prisons creating a positive community.

HMPPS Servcies

Mentoring Services

Bespoke Programmes & Workshops Services

Hit The Road Jack Programme

Central to RoadLight’s objective is the Hit The Road Jack programme, a powerful, holistic, rehabilitation programme developed from 22 years of research driven by invaluable insights of raw, personal experiences. The programme is designed from analysing offenders behavioural, emotional & cognitive needs which range from developing skills in topics such as communication and mindfulness to exploring important areas such as emotion management and positive relationships. This programme is accredited by the Open College Network.


• Provides essential tools & strategies in life & social skills

• Enhances mindfulness, self-reflection & self-awareness within the prison population

• Give individuals the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of themselves & the impact of their choices.

• Explores relationships, community & belonging.

• Helps individuals identify & heal unresolved trauma.

• Helps to effectively manage emotional triggers.

• Offers guidance on how to break the chains of offending behaviour & addiction to resettle back into society.

• Help young people and adults achieve accredited qualifications.

Level 1 and 2 Mentoring Course

RoadLight’s aim is to identify leadership potential within the individuals they work with in prisons and Youth Custody Services, in order for them to be trained as mentors.


• Allows mentees to gain a greater understanding of the mentoring profession.

• Builds confidence and self-esteem.

• Gain a nationally-recognised qualification.

• Opportunity to support peers whilst in custody.

• Work alongside the RoadLight team to co-facilitate their programmes.

• Potential for future employment upon release.

RoadLight’s motivational speakers are some of the UK’s leading HM Prison and Probation Service speakers around. Their captivating stories focus around resettlement and rehabilitation giving inspiration to their audience.

Motivational Speakers


• The speakers use real-life scenarios & own experiences to captivate the audience.

• Audience walk away empowered with tools & strategies to break free from a life of offending behaviour & addiction.

• Gain a deeper understanding of themselves & life.

• Become more conscious, living in the now & letting go of the past.

• Breaking free from limiting beliefs.

• Gain insights on how to tap into their greatness.

• Get a better understanding in creating a healthy relationship with themselves and others.

RoadLight provides a consultancy service with invaluable training for new officers in UK prisons and professionals working in Youth Custody Services that are just starting in the field.


• Enables trainees & professionals to conduct their work using a new approach.

• Equips trainees and professionals with current insights, tools & effective strategies in rehabilitation and resettlement.

• Work alongside the RoadLight team to unlock potential for better workplace practices.

• Become the frontiers of change & innovation within the specialist field of rehabilitation and resettlement.

Consultancy Services