RoadLight targets young offenders and vulnerable people from a disadvantaged background that may have behavioural problems leading to a life of drugs, violence and crime. We work with local authorities namely social services, youth offending teams, police, schools and colleges to support these vulnerable groups. Our Self-Development Interventions are comprised of a number of specialised services to prevent and reduce substance misuse and criminal behaviour, Empowering Lives for Positive Change!

Self Development

Intervention Services

Our approach is different to the traditional way of delivering educational programmes.  We deliver informal Urban Intervention Programmes accredited by the Open College Network. Our unique programmes have been developed from personal experiences of childhood trauma, the social care and criminal justice system and prison. The Urban Intervention Programmes help young offenders and vulnerable people by:

Urban Intervention Programmes

• Raising awareness of crucial topics in line with the National Crime Agency’s mission to cut serious and organised crime

    in the UK. These include (but are not limited to) County Lines, Grooming, Exploitation, Knife and Gun Crime.

• Equipping them with life and social skills.

• Instilling healthy beliefs and clear standards of behaviour.

• Increasing their prospects of education, employment and training.

• Helping them to become positive members of society.

Gang Prevention/Exit Workshops

Grooming of young people into gangs is becoming a severe issue in the UK. At RoadLight we are tackling this by working within prisons, probation services and secure training centres to deliver our revolutionary workshops. These are designed from invaluable insights of ex-gang members with two fundamental aims in mind –


1) To empower young people with better awareness, tools and strategies to stay away from gang.

2) To prevent offending behaviour from occurring

The workshops are designed with the young person in mind making the workshops engaging through compelling real-life anecdotes embedded in presentations, motivational speeches, role-play activities and more. The workshops help young people with offending behaviour by:

• Raising awareness on gangs, behaviour, patterns and crime.

• Exploring ways towards a healthy sense of belonging starting with healthy relationships and choices.

• Identifying the signs of grooming and exploitation.

• Exploring communication and promoting the power of expression to reach for help.

• Recognising how gangs can affect an individual, family and the wider community.

• Understanding it is not too late to leave by exploring support options to exit.

• Understand what unsafe situations are and improving their ability to assess and manage themselves in these situations.

• Providing them a safe environment to explore and discuss these issues.

• Recognising the benefits of education, training and employment.

Consultancy Services

RoadLight provides an exceptional consultancy service giving current insights and invaluable training aimed at professionals that work closely with young offenders and vulnerable people.  We also deliver workshops to officers and professionals working with young offenders providing them with a better understanding of the gang culture, recognising the signs in young people and discovering ways in which you could help.

Our consultancy service benefits professionals such as police, prisons and other local authorities’ officers by:

• Equipping your organisation with insights, tools & effective strategies in combatting grooming, exploitation

  and offending behaviour.

• Enabling you to conduct your work with confidence using a new approach that will empower your practice.

• Giving you the opportunity to work alongside leading programme facilitators, motivational speakers and mentors

  that work with the UK’s most challenging offenders.

• Unlocking good practice and standards for your prisons and probation services.

If you are interested in any of our Self-Development Intervention services, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your needs.