About Us

RoadLight is a fundamental platform which has been created through the life experiences of entrepreneurs Dwayne and Melanie Jack, and their remarkable story of overcoming their life’s trials and tribulation individually and as a couple.

Whilst embarking on their journey of self-discovery they became life coaches and motivational speakers, transforming lives in society. This inspired them to create an organisation that could reach a wider audience from grassroots youth work in the community to delivering bespoke programmes within secure schools, HMYOI’s and Her Majesties Prisons, working with some of the UK’s most challenging and violent offenders.

RoadLight have a growing team of Mentors and course facilitators that deliver their unique bespoke programmes that have been accredited by Open College Network (OCN) London. The programmes include a self-development course called Hit the Road Jack as well as Mentoring programmes.

The RoadLight team work with young people and adults creating the conditions for an enhanced learning experience. They bring a new approach to traditional education using their unique informal teaching methods and awareness in a whole new light, giving hope and inspiration to all generations.