Dwayne Jack

Dwayne grew up in a single parent family, witnessing domestic violence, being physically and emotionally abused by his mother and also witnessing his mother being sent to prison. Dwayne ended up in the care of the local authority from foster care to children’s homes.

He soon found himself belonging on the streets with older boys, becoming a menace of society and addicted to crack cocaine at the age of 13. Dwayne received a Detention and Training Order (DTO) in a secure unit, becoming institutionalised in and out of prison for 17 years.

Dwayne almost lost his life a number of times on the streets.  He has survived being shot, stabbed and a vicious attack to the head with a machete which left him paralysed on his left side, but he managed to gain full recovery.

Through Dwayne’s dark night of the soul he had a spiritual awakening in his prison cell, where he was vibrating in pure light from head to toe. This was the moment that his life was to transform and never be the same again, where he discovered the power within himself and started to create a new personality- new reality.

Upon his release from prison Dwayne got married to Melanie, whilst working as a butler he embarked on his new chosen path to help others, by creating his own business called RoadLight which involved him coaching and mentoring others with similar experiences to himself. He vowed from that moment on to make it his life’s mission to serve others for the greater good.