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Dwayne has established himself as an expert in the field of Offending Behaviour, Rehabilitation & Resettlement. He has built a team of like-minded people who share his passion and vision of helping and supporting the prison system rehabilitate young people and adults to live law-abiding lives whilst in custody and upon release into society.

The RoadLight team have invaluable knowledge and wisdom on an array of topics that can enhance the security, safety and decency of the prison service. In order for RoadLight to achieve their objectives they believe it is important to work together with Operational Governors, Officers and all other agencies.

Hit the Road Jack Programme

The programme equips young people and adults with life skills, tools and strategies to increase mindfulness, enhance rehabilitation whilst in custody, and resettlement back into society. The aim of the programme is to allow offenders to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and life, thus enabling them to break the cycles of offending behaviour and preparing them for employment, education or training.


Mentoring Services

RoadLight’s objectives are to identify leadership potential within the individuals they work with in order for them to be trained as Mentors. The mentoring schemes allow the mentees to gain a deeper understanding of the mentoring profession whilst giving them the opportunity to gain nationally-recognised qualifications. Their vision is to have multiple RoadLight peer mentors in establishments across the UK, with the potential of future employment within the RoadLight organisation.

Level 1 Peer Mentoring Award

This programme is an introduction to mentoring and enables the peer mentors to learn the theoretical aspects of mentoring and then apply the knowledge in a practical setting by undertaking one to one sessions with other inmates.

Level 2 Mentoring Certificate

This programme gives mentees the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the mentor’s role and focuses on aspects of preparation, self-development, emotional intelligence and explores the psychology of mindsets.

We have seen many young people improve their behaviour and mindset having worked with Roadlight. Data around adjudications, assaults, self harm etc support this. Working with Roadlight as part of the team is inspiring, rewarding but most of all effective for our young people.”

Harriet Hancock | Head of Regime Services, HMPPS Youth Custody Service

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